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HUB section for alert management with filtering, exporting, and customization

This Chargebackhit HUB section provides a comprehensive list of all alerts. On this page, you can:

  • Filter the list based on specific criteria.
  • View detailed information about alerts and their related alerts.
  • Send test alerts within a sandbox account.
  • Manually respond to certain alert types to practice handling various situations.

Filters block

  • Action
    Respond manually to alerts that fall under specific categories:
    • Refunded
    • Previously refunded
    • Duplicate
    • Can’t refund
    • Not found
  • Export
    Use this option to get a CSV file of all filtered MIDs for data portability and external analysis.
  • Filters
    View all existing filters or only those you pinned on the panel, facilitating quick access to the required information. The MID descriptor and Alert ID are pinned by default.
  • Settings
    Use settings to adjust the row style and height for a comfortable viewing experience. Additionally, customize displayed columns in the list of MIDs to ensure that only relevant data is shown.