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Chargebackhit is a centralized platform for administrators to manage and view chargeback alerts

The Chargebackhit HUB is a web portal that delivers a comprehensive set of tools to streamline the management of chargeback alerts effectively. It offers consolidated monitoring, configuration, and response capabilities for chargeback alerts across multiple accounts, ensuring a unified strategy in this aspect of business operations.

On the Dashboard page, you can see a visual summary of chargeback alerts and risk management metrics. It showcases key data points, including the number of alerts received, active and total MIDs, and graphical representations of alert activity and performance statistics.

You can filter and customize the displayed information to quickly assess account status and identify potential issues or trends for informed decision-making.
The Analytics section provides detailed metrics on alert frequency, filtered by product, card type, alert type, and more. It also allows for interval selection, detailed alert performance analysis, and MID-specific analytics for proactive risk mitigation.
The MIDs section is designed to facilitate efficient management of MIDs for targeted chargeback resolution efforts. It also allows you to filter, inspect, export, and add new MIDs through manual entry or bulk import using the provided template.
Within the Alerts section, you can view a list of alerts, filter them based on specific criteria, and see detailed information about each alert. It also allows you to send test alerts in a sandbox environment and manually respond to certain alert types.

Each section enhances chargeback alert management, operational efficiency, and data-driven decisions. Moreover, the integration between your system and Chargebackhit ensures timely notifications and allows for managing user access to keep your data secure.

The User management section lets you control user accounts and access to business data. By assigning roles to HUB users, you ensure security, maintain accountability, and guarantee authorized access to sensitive information.
The Account settings section is for integrating the merchant's system with Chargebackhit. Proper configuration is vital for seamless delivery of notifications and maintaining a reliable communication channel between systems.

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