Resolution Networks (CDRN, Ethoca)
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Resolution Networks (CDRN, Ethoca)
Streamline dispute resolution with directed refunds for merchant efficiency

Business owners are tasked with juggling a multitude of responsibilities and finding solutions that can assist in mitigating business-related issues and risks. The Init-refund process is one of such solutions that serves as a prime example of efficiency, empowering merchants with proactive tactics for handling pre-dispute scenarios.

This process allows addressing disputes by issuing directed refunds within a 72-hour window, covering both Visa and non-Visa transactions.

By integrating Chargebackhit’s advanced solutions, merchants can significantly reduce the friction associated with disputes, fostering a more trustworthy and customer-friendly shopping experience. The key steps in the Init-refund process are:

  1. Matching alert
    The step of Guide
    Internal logic for quick matching of alert data by the system in real-time.
    matching the alert
    to the transaction is crucial and involves several actions to ensure accuracy. The matching algorithm uses various data points such as Acquirer Reference Number (ARN), Authorization Code, Personal Account Number (PAN), and others.
  2. Outcome selection
    This step involves selecting the appropriate Guide
    Summarize complex Chargebackhit outcomes and responses, ensuring accurate transaction reconciliation.
    outcome type
    for the alert from a complete list of possible outcomes for Init-refund, including reversed, decline, acknowledged, and more.