Order Insight and Consumer Clarity
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Order Insight and Consumer Clarity
Streamline merchant-issuer transaction verification to prevent disputes

When cardholders seek information about a purchase from their card issuer, the issuer initiates the process of transaction identification and requests details. Chargebackhit validates the merchant’s enrollment in Order Insight or Consumer Clarity and assists with the information request. Through seamless communication channels, Chargebackhit facilitates the retrieval and provision of accurate order details between merchants and issuers. This process aids in verifying transaction legitimacy and dispute necessity, benefiting merchants in multiple ways:

  • Revenue protection
  • Faster resolutions
  • Reduced operational expenses
  • Reduction in friendly fraud disputes
The process of transaction legitimacy identification unfolds as follows:

  1. Cardholders inquire about a purchase.
  2. The card issuer requests information about the transaction.
  3. Chargebackhit validates the merchant's enrollment in Order Insight or Consumer Clarity.
  4. Chargebackhit routes the request to the merchant to get the order details.
  5. The merchant retrieves order details from their database.
  6. The merchant sends the order details back via API response.
  7. Chargebackhit forwards the raw data to the issuer.
  8. The card issuer reviews the information with the cardholder to assess transaction legitimacy and dispute necessity.