Resolve disputes efficiently with directed refunds or automated resolutions for Visa using Chargebackhit
Chargebackhit offers sellers the ability to prevent credit and debit portfolio dispute ratios from being impacted by resolving fraud and non-fraud disputes at the pre-dispute stage, with benefits including lowered dispute ratios, reduced operational requirements, elimination of over-refunding, increased dispute visibility.

Prevent credit and debit portfolio dispute ratios from being impacted by resolving fraud and non-fraud disputes at the pre-dispute stage, avoiding monitoring programs in the process, using Chargebackhit through:

  • Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN)
Resolve Visa and Non-Visa pre-dispute cases directed by participating CDRN Issuers within 72 hours by Seller-initiated refund.

  • Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)
Auto-decision Visa pre-dispute cases with participating RDR issuers using a robust decision engine, customized by Seller for real-time resolution.

  • Ethoca
Ethoca helps resolve disputes and prevent fraud by facilitating communication between merchants and issuers through real-time alerts and information sharing


Effortlessly and promptly handle pre-disputes with our system features:

  • Lowered dispute ratios
Reduce your dispute ratios with the Chargebackhit system by resolving pre-disputes with credit, which won’t count against Visa’s dispute ratio, resulting in immediate benefits for sellers with high dispute ratios.

  • Reduced operational requirements
Optimize your processes and reduce disputes with low recovery rates, leading to fewer operational requirements.

  • Eliminate over-refunding
Pre-disputes resolved through the Chargebackhit system are not eligible for future disputes, thus eliminating the possibility of over-refunding.

  • Increased dispute visibility
Gain better visibility into your disputes with adaptable reports that meet your seller reconciliation needs.

RDR rules

Rules elements:

Resolve eligible disputes for transactions above or below a specified amount.
Resolving disputes based on specific Visa dispute categories and condition codes.
Resolve disputes for all Visa BINs, except for particular issuers.
Prevent chargebacks for orders that fall under special programs or involve preferred customers identified by the seller.
Prevent disputes for all transactions that were authorized after a specific date.
Prevent disputes for all transactions that have been posted after a specific date.
Resolve disputes for all transactions conducted in foreign currency markets outside the USD.