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Enroll your MIDs in Chargebackhit by providing essential parameters

To enroll your Merchant Identification Numbers (MIDs) with Chargebackhit, you must provide key Guide
Essential parameters for an effective Chargebackhit onboarding guide.
MID parameters
such as BIN/CAID/MCC/Descriptors. Follow these steps for a smooth transition:

  • Notify your current provider and remove the MIDs you plan to transfer.
  • Request your provider to disable billing descriptors and BIN/CAIDs.
  • Submit a complete list of MIDs to Chargebackhit and choose the necessary products.
  • Chargebackhit will handle the Visa and Mastercard communication.

This process generally takes up to 10 business days, depending on your current provider’s response time and the number of MIDs being transferred.

Automating MID addition

You can automate the addition of MIDs to Chargebackhit using:

The Enrollment API enables direct integration and instant updates between your system and Chargebackhit, streamlining the MID enrollment process and reducing manual effort.
Alternatively, you can utilize the Guide
The section provides an interface for managing MIDs, with capabilities for detailed inspection, data modification, filtering, and exporting.
interface to automate the addition of MIDs. This provides a user-friendly way to manage and synchronize MIDs without the need for direct API integration.

For additional alerts after initial MID setup or for complete deactivation MID, please contact support team for assistance.

Enrollment tips

You may encounter certain challenges when implementing enrollments for Guide
Resolve disputed Visa transactions before they get escalated.
, Guide
Streamline merchant-issuer transaction verification to prevent disputes.
, and Guide
Leverage post-authorization fraud and dispute notifications to lower payment risk.
. By understanding and addressing these issues, we can ensure a smooth and efficient enrollment process.

  • CAID pattern issue
    If banks use inconsistent CAID patterns, verify the correct pattern with the bank.
  • Multiple descriptors
    Collect each BIN and CAID combination descriptors to ensure accurate enrollment.
  • No traffic on MID
    Confirm any traffic on the MID with the merchant. If there is traffic, it’s necessary to obtain VISA ARNs of the latest chargebacks or transactions, which should be no older than 120 days. The second digit of VISA ARNs must be 4, and an ARN should have 23 digits. Without ARNs, there is a risk of enrolling an incorrect combination.
  • Shared acquirer BINs/CAIDs
    If sharing a BIN/CAID with another entity outside your business network, contact support team for help with enrollment in services such as Ethoca/CDRN.